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The short axial length of our motor facilitates more creative powertrain configurations. Our yokeless axial flux motors can be combined with third-party 1-speed or 2-speed gearboxes.

Traxial Layshaft Yokeless Axial Flux Motor
Traxial Layshaft Yokeless Axial Flux Motor


Traxial Coaxial Yokeless Axial Flux Motor
Traxial Coaxial Yokeless Axial Flux Motor



Traxial Chassis Electric Car

We believe in the added value of optimized e-axles, an integrated electric drive solution for battery electric vehicles. The motor, inverter, and gearbox are combined into one package which positively impacts the manufacturing cost and leads to more efficient volume usage. In combination with our AXF-250 motor series, this leads to a very compact package with extreme performances. We strive to make it easy for vehicle developers to combine 1, 2, 3 or 4 of our modular e-axles.

The benefits:

  • A complete powertrain for the size of a traditional EV motor results in more flexibility for integration and more space for the battery.
  • The modular and standardized approach reduces the manufacturing and total system costs.
  • Close integration between the motor and inverter eliminates the need for AC cables, increases system efficiency and greatly reduces electromagnetic interference.
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