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We develop axial flux motors to deliver the performance, compactness, and efficiency needed to build the next generation of powertrains. Compared to traditional electric motors, our yokeless axial flux motors offer inherent advantages for powertrain developers:

  • Up to 3 times higher power density*
  • Expected to deliver up to 20% more WLTP range*
  • Up to 3 times shorter axial length*

*Compared to traditional electric motors

Our motors are currently in the development phase but B-sample versions are available for evaluation:  AXF250-S and AXF250-X. Although similar in size, they have a different performance profile:

  • The AXF250-S delivers a combination of power density and efficiency up to ~ 200 kW peak.
  • The AXF250-X is ideal for demanding applications where exceptional power density is needed. It delivers peak power up to ~ 260 kW, the most power for the least weight.

Our customers can use these samples to evaluate the potential of our technology for their future powertrain solutions.


  • Compact motor with an axial length below 130mm and a diameter of 260mm
  • Future-proof 800-volt architecture
  • Up to 260 kW, reaching power densities of 15kWp/kg*

*active components only


Technology Solutions

The short axial length of the Traxial axial flux motor and its exceptional power density allow vehicle developers to create new and powerful yet compact drivetrain solutions. Have a look at our solutions page.



Traxial is preparing the motor technology for high volume series production. All necessary quality standards and environmental, health and safety certifications are taken into account to deliver automotive-grade products for a large variety of markets.

Get started

Custom development

Traxial works with your specifications to develop the next generation of axial flux powertrains. Working with our customers, we design, engineer and manufacture custom motors within a specific performance or size requirement. Our work results in powertrains that are the lightest, smallest and most efficient on the market. Contact us to explore our technology with one of our application engineers.

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